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General requirements for

  • Store jacket file structure in S3 and metadata in SimpleDB fronted by memcached
  • Register jacket S3 bucket for use in CloudFront (for speed for our users)
  • Auto cluster EC2 instances will provide application to users
  • javascript based plugins for all browsers we support talk to backend cluster
  • php backend to act as web service answering calls from javascript frontend

More details

Create jackets bucket in S3 and store by jacket id, i.e.,

Use a hierarchy within the S3 jackets bucket for jacket assets:


Create New Jacket (theme):

  1. user uploads a new picture
  2. system generates a new facebook theme (css) from the given picture
  3. user can tweak the following generated parameters; palette color, background attributes
  4. user can also tweak the css directly
  5. user saves final jacket (public or private)

Create New Jacket from existing:

  1. user chooses jacket to tweak
  2. goto step 3 of “Create New Jacket” above